We have vast experience in handling all procedures involved in registration of inheritance. Our team of experts can handle cases involving those living in rural areas as well as those living outside of Japan.

Our strengths

Inheritance settlement

Support of all inheritance procedures, including registration of inheritance.

Inheritance settlement for those living abroad

We provide Japanese inheritance settlement assistance to foreign nationals as well as Japanese citizens living abroad.

Case study

A major tax accounting office contacted us regarding a case in Japan, where they could not establish contact one of the heirs who was residing in the United States. Our office conducted an investigation and was able to find and contact the heir. We were able to conclude an agreement on the division of property among all heirs, and successfully completed the inheritance procedures.

International Support

We specialize in supporting inheritance procedures involving foreign nationals.

Our consultants can provide 360-degree support, including translation and interpretation in English, Chinese and Korean.

Our strengths

International inheritance

We support inheritance procedures for foreign nationals, regardless of nationality.

Real estate transaction support for foreign nationals

Support and consultation for foreign nationals buying and selling real estate in Japan.

Multilingual support

Professional translation and interpretation by native speakers of English, Chinese and Korean.

Case study

An accounting firm introduced us to the heirs of a Chinese national who passed away. The decedent had lived in Japan for 20 years and inheritance procedures had already begun, but they found that some documents from the Chinese government were necessary. We quickly confirmed and requested the necessary documents from the Chinese government and were able to successfully complete all inheritance procedures.

Real Estate & Corporate Registration

We provide full support for real estate registration as well as all corporate registrations and filings. With offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore, we promptly handle cases requiring swift action. Our specialists can help with diverse corporate matters including incorporation and change of statutory directors / executive officers.

Our strengths

Real estate transactions

We can promptly handle all types of real estate registration procedures.

Corporate registration

We can assist with incorporation, change in executive officers, and all other corporate filings, including registrations involving foreign nationals.

Case study

We received a request to handle registration of share transfer and and corporate merger from a mid-size Japanese corporation. We received this request in February with a completion deadline of April 1. We were able to quickly prepare documents required for submission by each company and successfully complete all registration procedures by the due date.

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