International Support

STK Legal actively provides assistance to other judicial scrivener firms with legal procedures involving foreign nationals. We offer full multilingual support in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Our strengths

Inheritance involving foreign nationals

We offer 360-degree support for inheritance procedures involving foreign nationals in Japan, regardless of nationality.

Incorporation for foreign nationals

We support foreign nationals wishing to establish a company in Japan.

Multilingual support

Professional legal translation and interpretation in English, Chinese and Korean.

Case study

We were approached by a major judicial scrivener firm that had been contracted by a multinational corporation to establish a subsidiary in Japan. We partnered with the judicial scrivener firm to provide support in English. Together we were able to successfully establish the Japanese subsidiary.

Unsolved Cases

We are often called upon for assistance regarding complicated international inheritance procedures, especially those involving obtaining necessary documents from foreign governments.

We offer support for foreign nationals residing in Japan as well as overseas. Our team has considerable experience in solving complicated cases, including inheritance cases with missing heirs.

Our strengths

Complicated inheritance procedures

We provide support for solving unusual cases, such as when required documents cannot be obtained.

International inheritance

We offer thorough support for inheritance procedures involving foreign nationals in Japan, regardless of nationality.

Case study

A judicial scrivener asked for our assistance in obtaining necessary documents from South Korea for a case of a Korean national’s inheritance in Japan. We promptly obtained documents on their behalf and successfully completed registration of inheritance.

Nationwide Support

With offices in Tokyo and Osaka, we can handle requests from across Japan. We offer all of our services nationwide, including real estate registration, inheritance, and visa applications.

Our strengths

Translation and interpretation

We can assist with legal translation and interpretation anywhere in Japan.

Real estate & corporate registration

We can assist with transactions and registration procedures in any local district.

Case study

We received a request from a judicial scrivener office in Sendai to assist with the inheritance procedures of a Chinese client who owned real estate in Chiba Prefecture. The heirs were in Tokyo and Sendai. In cooperation with the judicial scrivener office, we handled obtaining legal documents from the Chinese government. We were able to complete all of the necessary procedures to register the inheritance.

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