International Support

When foreign nationals in Japan are involved in real estate transactions, there are several points which require prior confirmation and care, especially in procedures involving those residing outside of Japan.

STK Legal supports transactions in English, Chinese and Korean.

We further provide support in closing real estate deals involving cross border financial transactions. Our firm is a registered provider of escrow services.

Our professionals deliver full assistance in registration procedures including legal interpretation and translation.

Our strengths

Real estate transactions involving foreign nationals

Consultation and support for foreign nationals buying and selling real estate in Japan.

Multilingual support

Professional legal translation and interpretation in English, Chinese and Korean.

Case studies

A Japanese real estate agent asked for our assistance regarding purchase of Japanese real estate by a Chinese national living abroad.

We provided support in receiving the remittance of purchase funds from abroad, preparing all required documents for the real estate registration, and giving the client practical advice following the purchase.

We helped the real estate firm close the sale and subsequently secure a property management agreement.

Partnership with Financial Institutions and Nationwide Support

STK Legal has partnerships with major financial institutions throughout Japan. Also, we provide support across Japan from our offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

Our team is experienced in helping real estate firms with registration procedures, regardless of the property’s location.

Our strengths

Translation and interpretation

We can assist with legal translation and interpretation across Japan.

Real estate & corporate registration

We can handle any registration procedures regardless of location.

Case study

A real estate agency contacted us to assist with a bank-financed real estate sale in Osaka. As we had an existing relationship with the financial institution, our Osaka Office was able to swiftly conclude all of the necessary procedures.

Rush Turnaround

Our team is ready to assist cases that require immediate inheritance registration, such as when deals have already been reached. We also offer consultations regarding establishing family trusts.

Our strengths

Quick inheritance registration

Prompt assistance for real estate transactions where inheritance registration has not been properly completed.

Case study

We were contacted involving a property sale with incomplete inheritance registration. Our team responded promptly, including contacting a distant heir whose cooperation was necessary. As a result, we were able to successfully complete the inheritance registration before the closing date.

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