International Support

When a financial institution finances a loan by a foreign national who does not understand Japanese, language is likely to become an issue. STK Legal supports translation and interpretation as well as multilingual document preparation for sellers and buyers. We can provide support in all types of real estate transactions in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Inheritance: In inheritance cases involving heirs of Japanese nationality, issues can arise when some of heirs reside abroad. Our professionals make sure inheritance procedures are completed successfully through extensive experience cooperating and negotiating with the Legal Affairs Bureau.

We also assist major financial institutions with translation of contracts for foreign nationals, creating explanations of financial products in foreign languages, and interpretation.

Our strengths

International inheritance

Regardless of nationality, we provide inheritance settlement support for all foreign nationals.

Assistance in English, Chinese and Korean

We provide professionals translation and interpretation by native speakers of English, Chinese and Korean.

Multilingual contract and document translation

We specialize in translation of documents and pamphlets for financial institutions.

Case studies

A Japanese client of a major financial institution passed away. Although the client passed away in Japan, the situation involving inheritance procedures was complicated. The decedent’s spouse was a foreign national and all children were living overseas. STK Legal successfully completed the necessary procedures to settle the inheritance, including transfer of real estate ownership and closing all bank accounts.


STK Legal delivers professional advice to customers regarding legacy planning.

We have been recognized by several major financial institutions as a preferred partner for legacy planning services. We also host regular seminars and events on legacy planning best practices for bank officers.

Our strengths

Family trusts

We provide full support for establishing family trusts in Japan.

Case study

After receiving a request from a financial institution, we began holding regular study groups and seminars with Q&A session for their branch managers.

Real Estate

STK Legal can take action to quickly solve sudden registration requests, such as when inheritance registration for a mortgage property has not been completed.

Our strengths

Urgent registration requests

Quick action in situations such as when there are unfinished necessary registration procedures

Nationwide support

Nationwide support for completing registration procedures

Case study

Mortgage: In this case, real estate in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya was used as collateral for a loan by a financial institution. Our teams in Tokyo and Osaka worked together to quickly complete all necessary procedures.

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